Multivariate Design Tools

Manikin Fetcher

Select target values on various anthropometric measures of interest to find Digital Human Models (or “manikins”) in our library that best fit your parameters. You may download the manikins in various CAD file formats.

Multivariate Accommodation Calculator

Use sliders to set limits on several dimensions of anthropometry and calculate resulting accommodation on individual measures as well as across all measures.

Multivariate Accommodation Calculator 2.0

Visualize all of the relevant dimensions of anthropometry simultaneously as you design using a parallel coordinates plot.

Explore Data

Proportionality Constants

This tool estimates body segment lengths as a function of stature. This is the simplest approach to synthesizing data on body size and shape.

Data Explorer II

** Updated ** This tool allows for the exploration and download of anthropometric data for a number of populations including US Civilians, ANSUR, ANSUR II, NHANES, and more.

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