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The Anthropometric Survey of US Army Personnel (ANSUR 2 or ANSUR II) data were published internally in 2012. They were made available publicly in 2017. They have replaced ANSUR I as the most comprehensive publicly available data set on body size and shape. They include 93 measures for over 6,000 adult US military personnel (4,082 men and 1,986 women). In contrast to the ANSUR I data, the new sample includes reservists. Despite the presence of reservists in the sample, it is still not an approximation of the US Civilian population. Consequently, while there is useful information here, designs and standards based on these data will not accommodate most user populations in the intended manner.

Explore the Data

Data Explorer

A tool for exploring the distributions of many of the most commonly used measures.

Data Explorer Lite

A simplified tool for exploring stature, mass, and BMI.



These are the publicly available data files as originally published. The rows are individuals in the sample. The columns are the anthropometric measures. The units are millimeters, except for mass, which is hectograms (even though the variable name says “weightkg”). The reports on this page clarify variable names. Note that the two columns at the end, “Heightin” and “Weightlbs” do not agree with the official stature and mass measures earlier in the table. They are likely self-reported.

male data (1MB)female data (2MB)

Summary Report

A Summary Report with a visual guide and summary statistics for each measure is available. [444 pages, 7.3MB]

Gordon, C.C., Blackwell, C.L., Bradtmiller, B., Parham, J.L., Barrientos, P., Paquette, S.P., Corner, B.D., Carson, J.M., Venezia, J.C., Rockwell, B.M., Mucher, M., and Kristensen, S., 2015, “2012 Anthropometric Survey of U.S. Army Personnel: Methods and Summary Statistics.” Report No. NATICK/TR-15/007.


Measurer’s Handbook

The Measurer’s Handbook includes details on the sampling strategy and measuring techniques used by the data collection team. The Handbook also includes descriptions of the landmarks and a visual guide of the anthropometry. [263 pages, 5.2MB]

Hotzman, J., Gordon, C.C., Bradtmiller, B., Corner, B.D., Mucher, M., Kristensen, S., Paquette, S., and Blackwell, C.L., 2011, “Measurer’s Handbook: US Army and Marine Corps Anthropometric Surveys, 2010-2011,” Report No. NATICK/TR-11/017.


Explanatory MFR

This Memorandum for Record details the variables in the databases (male and female) as well as a short summary of the study as a whole. [8 pages, 5.2MB]

Paquette, S., and Parham, J.L., 2012, “Memorandum for Record, 2012 US Army Anthropometric Working Databases”.


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