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This research provides an estimate of the anthropometry of the male commercial pilot population in Europe and details a new method for applying these data in multivariate design problems: the cockpit seat. For the safety and vigilance, the pilot must fit the seat. Although the anthropometric variability of pilot can be readily quantified, the magnitude of variability and the associated physical requirements are large in this complex posture. The research presented here demonstrates an approach that allows the designer to explore combinations of advices for the seat adjustments that will fit a chosen population (for example 90% of all the pilots). The data were generated after the evaluation of relevant data synthesis methods. To explore the huge design space, genetic algorithm are used on a 4 variables application case and the results are presented through a parallel graph. The results of the study is a tool taking in input the target of population (ex 95%) giving in results family of combinations of percentage of population on each parameters to see who in the population database will fit the pilot seat.

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